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Emmy Award-Winning Ron Schara Productions

Back in 1995, Ron, an outdoor beat writer for the Minneapolis Tribune, thought his love of outdoor story telling could be turned into a television success story. Inspired by news programs such as 20/20 and 60 minutes, Ron brainstormed an outdoor adventure program and got to work. The result?  Award-winning Minnesota Bound starring a six-month-old black lab named Raven. Ron’s way with words instantly touched the lives of all who watched, and the Minnesota Bound story was born. Ron Schara Productions quickly formed, and the company found itself creating outdoor television programs for channels such as ESPN, Versus Network, Outdoor Channel and, Fox Sports Networks. These days, Minnesota Bound has had nineteen seasons, nearly 700 episodes produced, and twelve regional Emmy awards earned. The Ron Schara team currently produces eight local, regional, and nationally-televised programs and strives to produce the highest quality video production while perfecting the art of outdoor storytelling. It’s a standard recognized by the television networks, and most importantly, the viewer.