Operation Fishing Freedom

Operation Fishing Freedom Foundation is dedicated to documenting the lives of our US Military Veterans.

Each episode of Operation Fishing Freedom will feature a different veteran from all eras of war. We will tell their stories – through THEIR eyes. In 2021, our show will be featured on Discovery Channel, AT&T Sportsnet Southwest, NBC Sports Plus – Chicago, Amazon Prime Video & Discovery Go! In addition, you can see previous episodes (Seasons 1-4) on our YouTube Channel.

In a fishing boat, people tend to talk.

That’s what Pro Anglers, Jay Garstecki and Ben Olsen have learned first-hand. And knowing that some of the most important stories to share come from our nations most prized possessions, our veterans, Jay and Ben launched Operation: Fishing Freedom — “The Voice of a Hero” and vowed to get veterans on the water.

Operation: Fishing Freedom was created as a result of over five years of taking US Military Veterans fishing through a non-profit organization co-founded by host Jay Garstecki. Through this non-profit, called Take a Vet Fishing, NFP – Jay and Ben take US Military Veterans fishing as a means of healing the effects of PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) on returning soldiers. It’s been proven that FISHING, through mental relaxation, low-impact exercise and social camaraderie, can alleviate the effects of PTS, and clinicians are taking notice. While meeting thousands of veterans from across the country through this non-profit organization, we’ve heard COUNTLESS stories of heroism. Stories which were too good and MEANINGFUL to go untold to the American population, so Operation: Fishing Freedom was born….