Operation: Fishing Freedom is NOW "Operation Outdoor Freedom"


Each episode of Operation Outdoor Freedom will feature a different veteran from all eras of war. We will tell their stories – through THEIR eyes. In 2021, our show will be featured on Discovery Channel, Wired 2 Fish TV, AT&T Sportsnet Southwest, NBC Sports Plus – Chicago, Amazon Prime Video & Discovery Go! In addition, you can see previous episodes (Seasons 1-5) on our YouTube Channel.

In the Outdoors, people tend to talk.

That’s what Pro Anglers, Jay Garstecki and Ben Olsen have learned first-hand. And knowing that some of the most important stories to share come from our nations most prized possessions, our veterans, Jay and Ben launched Operation Fishing Freedom — “The Voice of a Hero” and vowed to get veterans on the water.

Operation Outdoor Freedom was created as a result of over five years of taking US Military Veterans fishing through a non-profit organization co-founded by host Jay Garstecki. Through these non-profits, called Take a Vet Fishing, NFP – Jay and Ben take US Military Veterans fishing as a means of healing the effects of PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) on returning soldiers. It’s been proven that that the OUTDOORS, through mental relaxation, low-impact exercise and social camaraderie, can alleviate the effects of PTS, and clinicians are taking notice. While meeting thousands of veterans from across the country through these non-profit organizations, we’ve heard COUNTLESS stories of heroism. Stories which were too good and MEANINGFUL to go untold to the American population, so Operation Fishing Freedom and Operation Outdoor Freedom were born….

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